Lake Baringo Park

Where to Stay While Visiting Lake Baringo:
Lake Baringo Club | Samatian camp

On the shores of Lake Baringo, 285 km northwest of Nairobi nestles Lake Baringo Club. Palm trees, green lawns and the clashing red and pink bougainvillea that thrives in hot steamy days surround the club. Lake Baringo characteristics are similar to many of the Great Rift Valley lakes. Mirroring the surrounding Tugen Hills and the Laikipia Escarpment, the lake owes its chocolate colour to the rivers that feeds it, all carrying plenty of topsoil.

Hippos and the crocodiles share this watery residence along with tilapia mudfish, bass cat fish and an enormous variety of birds. There is never a dull moment at the Lake Baringo Club. Mornings and evening bird walks are always accompanied by the resident ornithologists, giving visitors the opportunity to see several magnificent birds of prey, noisy restless bush birds, and the numerous other species frequenting the shore. There are plenty of small-motorized boats available for hire, all captained by knowledgeable bird enthusiasts.

The lovely gardens of the Lake Baringo Club are a pleasure to behold, and the swimming pool, surrounded by clusters of exotic shrubs, attracts guests throughout the day. When you visit the club, do allow enough time to enjoy the club’s legendary hospitality, in between the many available excursions.

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