The Republic of Uganda or “Jamhuri ya Uganda” as known in its native Swahili language, is all encrusted with placid locales and exotic destinations that you cannot resist visiting time now and then. Famed as “Pearl of Africa” and serving the Motto of “For God and My Country”, this African nation embraces its tourists with open arms, thanks to the amicable hospitably of the natives here. If you opt to go for an African Safari, this land should undoubtedly be your foremost choice.

Geographical Boundaries

The East African country is all surrounded by its neighboring nations with Kenya on its east, Sudan at its north, Democratic Republic of the Congo in the west, Rwanda in the southwest, and Tanzania to its. In the southern most area, it gets a mesmerizing touch of the much talked about Lake Victoria as well, which is in turn surrounded by Tanzania and Kenya.

Hotspot Tourist Destinations

There is no end to the tail long list of exquisite locations in Uganda. Each of its destinations are more than enough to erupt you with joy and exhilaration. It is host to Rwenzori National Park the place where highest African mountain range exists, which is popularly known as Mountains of the Moon. In addition, the adventurous white-water rafting experience around Jinja is simply unparalleled, the fact that the country acts as the originating source of the gigantic Nile further accentuates the essence this water sports to exceptional heights. If you are interested in an African Venture Safari, the incredible National Park in Bwindi is just meant for you, where you get the lifetime thrilling opportunity to get in the vicinity of mountain gorillas.


Since the death of Idi Amin, the brutal ruler Ugandan President in 2003, the country has bounced back to normalcy at a rapid pace. Tourists have almost thronged the best part of the nation to have a date with the picturesque beauty that its flaunts. The people here are warm-hearted and welcome you with broadened smiles to be a part and parcel of their culture and traditions. No wonder if Winston Churchill conferred the title of “Pearl of Africa” to the country way back in 1907, it truly deserves such a privileged identity.

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