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Marcus Selandrer
The food was way better than expected, accommodation was great and everything was supplied. We did all the safari which were planned in the itinerary and saw all major animals. The length of the tour was long enough, we saw many animals and birds different species. Our guide was nice and helpful, i would do the tour again!!
Mandie Parker
Our driver Tom was very patient with everyone in the group, hope all tour guides are like him. He tried to show us as many different animals as he could. He was helpful and informed us of what would happen each day. The office was also reliable and they answered all my inquiries in time, which made me happy and more confident in booking these safari with them.
Wic and Mariam
Hi Nancy , these was a well organized safari, we had good accommodation and good meals through out the days. The game drives were fantastic, we saw Big Five animals and much more just in the second day.Our guide Patrick knew where to spot the animals and when we asked him to stop to take photos he did. He drove well , not to slowly and not dangerous. Thanks for organizing these great safari for us . Our would highly recommend these 7 days Masai mara/ Lake Nakuru/ Lake Naivasha and Amboseli.
Brenda Holdom
Nairobi, Masai mara, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli. The guide was very informative and incredibly patient when we wanted to stop and take photos every 10 min.They worked very hard to ensure that we arrived at each destination on time and very effective at locating the animals. There experience and understanding meant we were always in the right place at the right time to get an awesome experience and wonderful photos. I will tell everyone about my excellent time and recommend the guides and company to all.The company also wanted to tailor the trip exactly to our needs which we greatly appreciated.
Wolter Kim
Even though i planned these trip just alone (solo), it cost me alot, but i was never bored thanks to my guide Nickson. He tried to make sure that communication between us flow and tracked many special animals for me. I have great photos for these adventure and even a movie in my you tube. Thanks Nickson and to you company for making my first trip to Kenya a memorable one.
Elko Rosinitki
Mr Jackson is a skillful driver and very good in tracking animals in the wild. He also has good knowledge on wildlife. He always kept the van very clean, the tour schedule was flexible. The camp in Masai mara was better than we could expect for budget trip. Accomnodation provided in Nakuru and Naivasha was excellent.
Fablo Catellini
We really enjoyed the safari because we were able to see all we expected and even more. We would like to give a special thanks to our guide Tom, who helped us in every occasion we needed. We had very nice meal in Amboseli, thanks top Simon the best Kenyan Chef we met.
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